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Better Builtís Predryers

General capabilities

Predryers are an effective way to dry large quantities of lumber at reduced costs. They have the ability to dry lumber down to 20 - 30% mc without checking. This ensures fast, efficient final drying. Predryers are offered in single or double opposing fan line configuration or in center fanwall design with forklift access along both outside walls. Some predryers feature Galvanized frames with hanging stainless steel roof panels, while others are all aluminum and stainless steel and have enough heat and air to dry green oak to 20% in 22 days or can even finish dry to 6%.


-   All 304 Stainless Steel internal piping for supply and condensate lines

-    304 Stainless Steel coils with extruded aluminum fins

-    Individually trapped coils

-   Multiple zones with separate fan speed control on each zone in length

-   Re-greasable motors with safety grates on lower fans when needed

-   Powered vents for each zone in length


















Diagram of Twin opposing Fan Line Predryer

1,000,000 bf Crossflow Predryer at Leslie Bros.

Reheat coils and safety screens on Center Fan Wall Predryer

Center Fan Wall predryer design with 3 zones in length

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