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Better Built's Steamers

General capabilities

Steaming chambers are used to alter the color of lumber for a specific purpose. We offer steamers in several configurations.  First, steam can be introduced to the chamber directly by using a live steam bar.  Next, it can be produced indirectly by submerging a heating element and boiling a trough of water.   Better Builtís second option can be achieved using low or high pressure steam as well as an indirect fired stand-alone gas burner system.   The advantages of a closed loop steaming system are that the condensate is trapped and sent back to the boiler to be reused, there are no boiler chemicals lost to the process, the steam is at zero pressure and is super-saturated, less boiler make-up water is needed and you do not need to re-heat the returning make-up water.

All configurations feature:

  • All interior piping is 304 stainless steel
  • Interior skins are stainless steel
  • Aluminum Structure is Anodized
  • A Stainless Steel circulation motor with fan
  • Insulation is 8" thick providing R32
  • Insulation is inert with aluminum
  • Doors feature 5 1/2" wide aluminum extrusions

Complete PC control system provided.




















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